Irena Izdebska-Szanda, Michał Angrecki, Aleksander Palma

Reclamability of moulding sands with new inorganic binders for non-ferrous castings


The article presents results of an investigation which constitutes a section of research under the project POIG.01.01.02-00-015/09 "Advanced materials and technologies", one of the aims which is the introduction of new ecological inorganic binders into making casts from non-ferrous metals. The application of chemically modified inorganic binders aims at improving knock-out properties and related to it reclamability of moulding sands with the participation of, previously used in foundry practice, inorganic binder (water glass), and at the same time allowing the application of ecological binders for casting non-ferrous metal alloys. Reclamation of moulding and core sands is a fundamental and effective way to manage waste on site at the foundry in accordance with the environmental guidelines. Therefore, studies of reclamation of waste moulding and core sands with new types of inorganic binders, developed within the framework of the project, were carried out. The article presents these results of the investigation. These studies allowed determining the degree of recovery of useful material, that is the reclaimed sand, and the degree of its utilisation in the production process. The article also presents the investigation results of multiple reclamation, which is the continuation of a previously conducted initial investigation. The investigation described in the present article also includes the validation of results under industrial conditions.

Keywords: modified inorganic binders, reclamation, reclamability,
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