Piotr Długosz, Paweł Darłak, Piotr Drzymała, Jerzy J. Sobczak

Fly ash as the reinforcement of light alloy metal matrix composites. Part 2: High temperature investigations


The second part of the publication presents the results of high temperature investigations of selected sorts of fly ash serving as a reinforcement in ALFA composites. Using graphs illustrating changes of sample dimensions in function of temperature, the characteristic points corresponding to the temperature of sintering, softening, melting and flowing were determined. The validity of the thermal test results was confirmed in the second series of comparative tests, performed at different heating rates. As a result of the studies, ash grades characterized by high thermal resistance were selected.

Keywords: power industry, coal, fly ash, waste management, high temperature investigations, ALFA composites,

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Marcin Małysza, Jerzy Stachańczyk, Stanisław Pysz

Making investment patterns – computer simulation


The results of computer simulation and visualisation of the process of making investment patterns are presented. Computer simulation was carried out on pattern materials of variable viscosity, with preset technical and technological parameters of the pattern-making process, including pressure under which the wax composition was introduced to the die, the configuration and dimensions of the feeding system, and the flow geometry. The results presented here are an outcome of the started simulation programme for the pattern-making process.

Keywords: computer simulation, investment patterns, dynamic viscosity, feeding system, flow geometry,

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Katarzyna Perszewska, Janusz Faber, Maria Żmudzińska, Zbigniew Maniowski, Zdzisław Żółkiewicz

Laboratory tests to minimise odoriferous emissions of organic pollutants during gasification of polystyrene patterns


The article presents the results of research on the emission of chemical compounds with an unpleasant odour during heating of polystyrene patterns and a solution for reducing their perception in the environment. Studies were carried out using an electronic nose. The efficiency of odour-reducing method was determined.

Keywords: odour, polystyrene patterns, electronic nose,

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Aleksandra Jarco, Stanisław Rzadkosz, Jacek Krokosz, Rafał Pabiś, Andrzej Gil, Edward Czekaj, Stanisław Młodnicki, Ryszard Ćwiklak

Technical and design study of the use of rapid prototyping technique to make an art casting of Medal commemorating the 65th Anniversary of the establishment of Foundry Research Institute in Cracow


Steps have been taken to make an art casting - a medal commemorating the 65th Anniversary of the establishment of the Foundry Research Institute in Cracow, using a rapid prototyping technique. The most important technological operations from a 2D drawing to the finished product were described. It has been shown that the argument put in the study can be brought into effect using the most modern solutions of foundry technology.

Keywords: rapid prototyping, 2D drawing, art casting, computer-aided design, investment casting process, B555 bronze,

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Zdzisław Żółkiewicz, Stanisław Młodnicki, Jacek Krokosz, Rafał Pabiś, Ryszard Ćwiklak

The research of innovative mixtures for plaster moulds used for artistic castings


Research was carried out on the technological properties of plaster mixtures developed at the Foundry Research Institute. Developed were mixtures of ceramic compounds in which the basic material was synthetic plaster. The components of the developed compound were examined in order to determine basic technical and commercial properties. The test results are presented in the figures.

Keywords: artistic casting, casting mould, ceramic casting mould, plaster, non-ferrous metal casting,

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