Małgorzata Warmuzek

Analysis of the chemical composition of AlMnFe and AlFeMnSi intermetallic phases in the interdendritic eutectics in the Al-alloys


In this study a simple procedure for the in situ identification of the intermetallic phase precipitates in the interdendritic eutectic in both wrought and cast AlFeMnSi alloys has been established and then verified by experimental results. Morphology of the phase constituents of these eutectics: A6MnFe, αc-AlFeMnSi, αH-AlFeSi, β-AlFeSi, has been revealed on the metallographic microsections, observed with light and scanning electron microscopes. Chemical composition of these phase precipitates was estimated by means of point x-ray microanalysis. The homogeneity range for particular intermetallic phase precipitates, as influenced by either alloy chemical composition or microstructure morphology, was estimated.

Keywords: Al alloys, microstructure, intermetallic phase, x-ray microanalysis, local chemical composition,
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