Piotr Długosz, Paweł Darłak, Piotr Drzymała, Jerzy J. Sobczak

Fly ash as a reinforcement of light metal matrix composites. Part 3. The influence of a chemical composition on characteristic fusibility temperatures of coal fly ashes


Temperature properties of fly ash are closely correlated to the chemical composition and proportions of the main compounds, comprising the waste material. Statistical analysis of data obtained during the measurement of fusibility, showed a high correlation of characteristic temperatures and chemical composition, especially in the case of melt and flow temperature of the ash with a high content of silica and alumina oxides. A large amount of experimental data collected allowed for reliable and confirmed formulation of mathematical models describing the temperature characteristics as a function of the fraction of a given element in the chemical composition.

Keywords: power industry, coal, fly ash, waste management, high temperature investigations, AL FA composites,
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