Andrzej Baliński

Influence of the structure index WB of the soluble sodium silicate on the residual strength of molding sand


Results of Rctk residual strength tests are presented for samples of moulding sands prepared with a stable content of soluble sodium silicate binding agents of different WB structure indicator values, hardened in the ester process. The test temperature range was 300°C to 1000°C, with 100°C steps. A notable relation between the WB structure indicator values and Rctk residual strength of moulding sand samples was observed. Moulding sands prepared with soluble sodium silicate with low values of WB structure indicator < 1.4 have more advantageous properties related to removing cores from castings and castings from moulds, in the mould heating temperature range from approx. 600°C to approx. 900°C, compared to similar properties when using soluble sodium silicate with a WB structure indicator of ≥ 1.4.

Keywords: moulding sand, soluble sodium silicate, colloidal structure, residual strength,
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