Irena Izdebska-Szanda, Michał Angrecki, Aleksander Palma

Choice of mould-making technology for the modified ablation casting process


The article presents the results of tests and studies carried out within the framework of statutory activities on various additives to moulding sands based on water-soluble inorganic binders for ablative knocking out of castings. As a result of technological research and bench tests, the composition of moulding sand providing high quality castings and easy knocking out of moulds combined with ablative cooling was selected. The developed moulding sand composition produces moulds which not only possess the required high strength but are also susceptible to the destructive effect of a cooling medium (water). The results of conducted experiments are satisfactory and raise hope as to further possible use of this method in the industry.

Keywords: ablation, mould destruction, water-soluble binders,
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