Angelika Kmita

Assessment of quartz wettability by the ecological foundry binder modified with nanoparticles of metal oxides


The results of studies of quartz wettability by an ecological foundry binder are presented. Water glass modified with nanoparticles of metal oxides, such as: MgO, Al2O3 and ZnO in organic solvents (methanol or propanol) was used as a binder in the investigations. The nanoparticles were undergoing electrochemical synthesis in the process of anodic dissolution of metals such as Zn, Al, Mg. Wettability was assessed by measuring the time-related changes of the contact angle θ in a quartz-water glass system. In the measurements of the contact angle a prototype apparatus and previously developed methodology were used. Systematic tests of the quartz wettability by water glass modified with nanoparticles have indicated that this parameter depends, among other things, on the amount of the introduced modifier, and on the type of nanoparticles and type of the solvent applied. The performed investigations have proved that quartz was best wetted (small contact angle) by water glass modified with the nanoparticles of MgO and Al2O3 in propanol.

Keywords: water glass, nanoparticles, modification, wettability, moulding sands,
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