Małgorzata Warmuzek

Solidification path of the AlFeMnSi alloys in a stage of primary intermetallic phases precipitation


In this work, an analysis of the solidification course of the AlFeMnSi alloys was carried out in the Al alloys of Fe, Mn, and Si concentrations in a range supplementary for those examined until now. The morphology of the pre-dendrite and pre-eutectic precipitates of the AlFeMnSi intermetallics has been revealed in relation to alloy composition. The phase attribution of the AlFeMnSi intermetallics forming primary pre-dendrite and pre-eutectic crystals was revealed in situ through local diffraction methods. The results obtained in the present work, as compared with data published previously, revealed the critical limit of the Mn concentration, necessary to stabilize the αc-AlFeMnSi phase as equal ≤ 0.5 wt. %, in the alloys AlFe≤3.0MnSi6 and AlFe≤1.5MnSi11 and ≥ 0.5 wt. % in AlFe≥3.0MnSi11.

Keywords: Al alloy, AlFeMnSi intermetallics, primary precipitation, solidification path,
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