Zbigniew Konopka, Andrzej Wasik

Production of castings with non-dendritic structure using the Rapid Slurry Forming method


The article describes several variations of the semi-solid metal processing (SSM) technique rendering castings with non-dendritic structure and significantly improved mechanical properties. The metal slurry was produced using the Rapid Slurry Forming (RSF) method. Based on a mathematical description of the RSF process of the metal slurry fabrication, castings were poured from the AlSi7Mg alloy in the form of a slurry with 30 vol. % solid fraction obtained by stirring and melting down of a chill element. Shown is the structure obtained by gravity casting. The temperature was measured during the slurry preparation and solidification of casting. The data obtained experimentally were compared with the theoretically calculated values.

Keywords: metal slurry, aluminum alloys, solidification, non-dendritic structure,
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