Waldemar Uhl, Krzysztof Jaśkowiec

Choice of material for the working parts of machines operating in municipal wastewater treatment plants


In the research part of this study, several types of materials were proposed, including ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron) subjected to four different types of heat treatment, using cast manganese steel and cast nickel-copper steel. The use of these materials should provide adequate performance life to machine parts operating in wastewater treatment plants while also reducing the cost of manufacture. The selected materials were briefly discussed. A mould making technology was developed to make the respective cast parts. Castings were subjected to a finishing treatment and after hardness measurements were transferred to a wastewater treatment plant, where they were assembled to carry out the field tests.

Keywords: innovative foundry materials and technologies, wear resistant alloys, mechanical properties, ADI, turning machine, environmental protection,
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