Edyta Rożniata, Robert Dąbrowski, Adam Kokosza, Rafał Dziurka, Jerzy Pacyna

The microstructure and properties of cast alloyed G200CrNiMo4-3-3 steel


The subject of the study is the analysis of the microstructure and mechanical properties of cast G200CrNiMo4-3-3 steel. The investigated alloyed cast steel, containing approximately 2% C, is nearly an ideal material for the hot mill work rolls, and this is mainly due to its very high abrasion resistance (in roll-gap), combined with very good mechanical and thermal fatigue properties. The performed metallographic examinations allowed establishing the characteristics of the cast steel microstructure in as-cast state and after heat treatment. The results of mechanical tests carried out on the cast G200CrNiMo4-3-3 steel were also reported. Among other things, a static tensile test was performed to determine the strength coefficients and plastic properties. By means of the Charpy impact test made on V-notched specimens, the ductility of the investigated cast steel was tested and the impact energy KV was determined. Hardness measurements were taken by the Vickers and Brinell method.

Keywords: cast steel, microstructure, heat treatment, mechanical properties,
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