Krystyna Pietrzak, Adam Klasik, Katarzyna Makowska, Jerzy J. Sobczak, Andrzej Wojciechowski, Dariusz Rudnik, Edmund Sienicki

Structural determinants of the mechanical properties of A359 + Al2O3 composites after multiple remelting


The article discusses the possibilities of applying direct multiple remelting as an easy as well as substantially and economically justified method of recycling composites with an A359 alloy matrix reinforced with Al2O3 particles. Direct remelting was performed in connection with two casting procedures, i.e. with the use of gravity casting and squeeze casting. The effectiveness of the proposed methods was verified based on the selected material tests. It was demonstrated that, as a result of gravity casting, the mechanical parameters resulting from the static tensile test, up to the fifth remelting, worsen by 15%, which is a consequence of the gas-contraction porosity occurring in the case of this casting technique. It was also proved that, in the case of the use of squeeze casting, the mechanical and geometrical parameters of the microstructure, up to the tenth remelting, remain practically at the same level as in the initial state. The obtained results confirmed the possibility of using direct remelting as an alternative method for other costly recycling methods.

Keywords: composites, recycling, mechanical properties, multiple remelting,
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