Aleksandra Jarco

Improvement of plasticity of the AlSi11 alloy due to soft annealing treatment


The paper presents research on the possibility of improving the plasticity of near-eutectic AlSi11 alloy by the use of soft annealing treatment. For two assumed input quantities, i.e. temperature and duration of the soaking treatment, based on the trivalent testing plan, have enabled the presentation of changing tensile strength (Rm) and elongation (A5) in function of the soft annealing parameters (temperature in the range from 280°C to 370°C and time from 2 hours to 8 hours).
For average values of assumed range of temperature and time there was an increase in elongation (A5) of about 40% compared to the starting value. The highest increase in elongation (A5) amounted to 96%, compared to the initial alloy, which was obtained in the case of the soaking treatment at temperature 370°C for 8 hours, the tensile strength (Rm) decreased simultaneously within limits of 15%.

Keywords: aluminum alloys, soft annealing, elongation, tensile strength,
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