Andrzej Pytel, Edward Guzik

Cast iron with vermicular graphite as a prospective material


The study presents the general data on modern cast iron with vermicular graphite, developed in Poland, which can be successfully used for casts of machine and device elements, especially those working under the conditions of thermal fatigue.
The mentioned cast iron has better mechanical properties, and its casting properties are close to those of grey cast iron with flake graphite, some of which being more advantageous than those of nodular graphite. And so, it can be alternatively applied for casts in the production of many elements used in various branches of industry. An outline of the authors’ selected own research of this high quality cast iron is presented. The issues discussed in the study, including the properties of cast iron with vermicular graphite as a construction material, as well as examples of its use, should stimulate interest in this material on the side of founders and constructors, and thus, also, its wider application for machine and device components.

Keywords: cast iron with vermicular graphite, structure, mechanical properties, cast iron thermal fatigue,
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