Artur Bobrowski, Sylwia Żymankowska-Kumon

Surface analysis and chemical composition of dust from dry dedusting system of moulding sand with bentonite using scanning electron microscopy (SEM)


The article presents the results of surface morphology of dust from dry dedusting of moulding sand with bentonite and mixtures of bentonite with lustrous carbon carrier using scanning electron microscopy. The study identifies the approximate chemical composition of the dust, and compares it with the composition of starting mixtures. The mixtures of bentonite with lustrous carbon carrier from different manufacturers differ in chemical composition. The process of dedusting should be carried out using properly selected operating parameters of the dedusting equipment. If the process of dedusting is carried out incorrectly, it can lead to the loss of valuable components.

Keywords: bentonite, dust, dedusting, scanning electron microscopy,
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