Nelly Gidikova, Radoslav Valov, Vladimir Petkov, Maciej Sułowski, Małgorzata Witkowska, Grzegorz Cempura

Nanocomposite chromium coatings on aluminum alloys


Chromium coatings modified with nanodiamond particles were deposited on aluminum alloys. The concentration of the nanodiamond particles in the chrome plating electrolyte was from 5 to 25 g/l. The thickness of the layer varied between 30 and 70 μm. The layers were prepared with the same electrolytic conditions and were measured with a metallographic microscope. The maximum microhardness of the coating was 840 kg/mm2. X-ray diffraction analysis was performed with a Siemens D500 apparatus using the Bragg-Brentano technique. The distribution of Cr, Al and O in the cross section was studied by SEM-EDS. It was found that the layers were homogenous - only consisted of chromium. The coatings were also studied for non-destructivity by X-ray 3D computed tomography. It was found that the coatings were intact and continuous along the section. In order to obtain the maximum yield of chromium and maximum thickness of the layer, the optimum nanodiamond particle concentration was 10 g/l.

Keywords: chromium coating, aluminum, nanodiamond particles, electrochemical plating,
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