Yavor Lukarski, Plamen Tashev, Christo Argirov, Hristo Kondov

Technological solutions to extend the operating cycle of tools and industrial machinery


One of the most significant problems that engineers and researchers face is the development of technological solutions to extend the exploitation cycle of tools and industrial machinery. The research shows there are a few possibilities to solve this problem:
1. Development of new materials of enhanced working characteristics compared to those currently used. An example of this is the introduction of new metals and alloys in the automotive industry, the mining industry, etc.

2. Preventive processing of assemblies and parts prior to their use consisting mainly in overlay welding with wear resistant layers or thermo-chemical surface treatment of the parts.

3. Recovering assemblies and parts after their resource has been depleted. This is mainly applied in the mining industry, road construction, etc. Worn-out tools are overlay welded and reused. It has been proven that the price of the recovered details is 2 to 20 times lower than that of the new ones. Moreover, it should be pointed out that the recovery saves energy and ore resources
and thus a significant environmental impact is achieved.

This study presents some technological solutions to extend the operating cycle of tools and industrial machines, and namely new types of steel, overlay welding with specially developed electrodes with nanomodifier containing coating, and thermo-chemical treatment.


Keywords: operational lifetime, new materials, overlay welding, thermo-chemical treatment,
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