Tomasz Dudziak, Małgorzata Witkowska, Wiktoria Ratuszek, Krzysztof Chruściel

XRD phase investigations of steam oxidized Fe and Ni rich Cr alloys


The aim of this work was to summarise XRD investigations performed after the tests carried out in steam oxidation conditions in the temperature range 700‒800°C for 3000 hours. In this work, two solid-solution strengthened alloys; Haynes® 230®, 617 alloy and two (γ’) gamma-prime strengthened alloys; 263 and Haynes® 282® and high alloyed steels rich in Cr: 309S, 310S and HR3C were exposed. The phase analyses were carried out using two techniques; Bragg-Brentano (BB) geometry and geometry of constant angle called grazing incidence α = 1° and α = 3°.

Keywords: austenitic steel, Ni based alloys, high temperature, steam, XRD,
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