Tomasz Dudziak

High temperature corrosion of metallic materials in coal fired power plant boilers


The aim of this work was to perform high temperature tests in steam conditions at 700‒800°C for 3000 hours. In this work seven alloys were studied: Cr rich austenitic steels 309S, 310S, HR3C, and two solid-solution strengthened Ni based alloys; Haynes® 230®, 617 alloy and two (γ’) gamma-prime strengthened Ni based alloys; 263 and Haynes® 282®. The obtained results suggest that the exposed materials show high corrosion resistance under steam oxidation conditions where predominantly Cr2O3 and MnCr2O4 compounds developed. The materials showed no chromia evaporation process and no exfoliation of the external oxide scale. However, two (γ’) gamma-prime strengthened Ni based alloys showed a high degree of internal oxidation that increased with temperature.

Keywords: steam oxidation, high temperature, austenitic steel, Ni based alloy,
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