Ivan Penkov, Vladimir Petkov, Radoslav Valov

Cermet composite material based on aluminothermy


A new method for synthesis of cermet composite materials was developed based on aluminothermy. Employing this method a cermet composite material with a high content of AlN crystal phase was synthesized. Fine powders of aluminum and silica glass were mixed and heated in a corundum crucible for 6 hours at 1100°C in air. The X-ray diffraction analysis showed that the composite material thus synthesized contains a high concentration of AlN particles (about 33 vol. %) embedded in an aluminum silicon alloy. A small amount of Al2O3 particles (about 8 vol. %) was also found.
The method proposed can also be used for synthesis of aluminum matrix composite materials containing, besides AlN, other ceramic reinforcement phases. The properties of these composite materials can be tailored by choosing an appropriate composition of the initial powder mixture for aluminothermic synthesis.

Keywords: aluminum matrix composite, aluminum nitride, aluminothermy,
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