Daniela Spasova, Nikolai Atanasov, Radko Radev

Investigation of the interaction between the CuZn38Pb2 matrix and the Fe reinforcement phase during the production of the complex relief MMCs


The present paper is relevant to the investigation of the interaction between the copper alloy metal matrix (CuZn38Pb2) and the reinforcement phase (Fe) during the production of "hybrid" complex relief MMCs. An innovative production method is used for the creation of composites that have been brought to the application of different space vacuum schemes for composite synthesis of vacuuming the space by using the notion of "capillary forming". In this method, the metal matrix (copper alloy melt) was forcedly infiltrated in the space between the reinforcement phase (Fe) particles as opposed to the classical method to obtain MMCs, uses a mechanism of insertion of the reinforcement phase into the ready for use melt, followed by homogenization of the composite structure. In this paper is presented a cost-effective production processes for metal-matrix composites by using single blanks implementing conventional methods for mould production (in expendable cement mould).
Studies were also carried out metallographic and X-ray diffraction phase analysis to clarify the phase composition and the ongoing diffusion processes due to the high temperature process of production of complex relief MMC. Microhardness of the composite phase was also measured.

Keywords: MMCs, copper alloy CuZn38Pb2, Fe reinforcement particles,
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