Marta Homa, Natalia Sobczak, Patrycja Turalska, Grzegorz Bruzda, Magdalena Bacior, Małgorzata Warmuzek, Adelajda Polkowska

Thermophysical properties of selected vermicular graphite cast iron alloy


The paper presents the results of thermophysical properties of selected vermicular graphite cast iron with nominal chemical composition of 3.70 C; 2.30 Si; 0.44 Mn; 0.054 P; 0.015 S; 0.017 Mg (wt. %). The comparative studies of the alloy were performed using differential scanning calorimetry, dilatometry and laser flash analysis. The calorimetric investigations proved that upon the heating to melting temperature (~1200°C), four endothermic transformations take place:
1) ferromagnetic → paramagnetic at 742°C, 2) pearlite → austenite at 824.2°C, 3) allotropic transformation of bcc ferrite to fcc austenite at 802°C, 4) melting at 1173.1°C. The character of the dilatometric curve shows small deviation at the temperature above 810°C corresponding to the pearlite → austenite transformation. The values of thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity change throughout the entire examined temperature range. Both curves showed a changeover from negative to positive trends between 700 and 800°C. This effect might be associated with the pearlite → austenite transformation.

Keywords: vermicular cast iron, thermophysical properties, transformation temperatures, melting heat, thermal expansion, thermal expansion coefficient, thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity,
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