Marcin Małysza, Piotr Kowalski, Krzysztof Wańczyk, Andrzej Gil, Sebastian Dziedzic, Robert Żuczek

Development and manufacturing of casting technology for crawler vehicle suspension used in wetlands


The modern designing techniques and development procedures requires the use of advanced integrated methods. That kind of approach requires the involvement of series of steps which leads to the logical work stream known as Integrated Computational Material Engineering. The steps involve the design and evaluation process in the virtual environment of CAD/CAE and simulation software. The use of simulation software allows for online optimization of the shape and properties of designed part. The publication presents a design and manufacturing process of a component of the larger assembly of the chassis of heavy-duty machine. Established methodology includes the analysis of the initial geometry of the part of the heavy vehicle used in difficult wetland environmental conditions.

Keywords: CAx, computer simulations, Flow3D, Ansys, casting technology, 3D printing, aluminum casting,
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