Lenko Stanev, Mihail Kolev, Anton Yotov, Boris Drenchev, Ludmil Drenchev

Tribological characterization of high porosity aluminum based composite materials


The present work aims to study the effect of the reinforcing phase on dynamic coefficient of friction and mass wear of specimen with different compositions under various friction conditions.
Porous materials with different compositions and reinforcing phase are obtained by replication method applying salt (NaCl) space holder. The reinforcing phase is Fly Ash (FA) particles. The microstructure of the obtained materials is observed and the tribological properties such as mass losses and the dynamic coefficient of friction are determined.
A comparison of the tribological properties between nominally nonporous matrix, porous matrix and porous composite are presented in this study.

Keywords: aluminum based composite materials, tribological properties, fly ash, reinforcing phase,
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