Małgorzata Łągiewka, Zbigniew Konopka, Andrzej Zyska

Studies of the effect of negative pressure in the mould on the cast surface roughness


The article discusses the results of the studies of the effect of negative pressure in the mould and the casting system on the roughness of the casts’ surfaces. Roughness tests were performed on casts made of alloy EN AB 46000, by means of the pressure casting method in the Vertacast machine, and with the use of varying negative pressure in the mould. The surface roughness of the casts decreasing with a decrease in the pressure in the mould was determined based on the values of different characteristic surface roughness parameters. The cast roughness examinations were conducted on the Hommel Tester T1000 device.

Keywords: pressure casting, aluminium alloys, surface roughness,
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