Grzegorz Gumienny, Barbara Kurowska

Alternative technology of obtaining ausferrite in the matrix of spheroidal cast iron


This study presents selected issues regarding the process of obtaining ausferrite from spheroidal cast iron without the application of thermal treatment to the casts. An ausferritic matrix, as well as strong mechanical properties, also ensures high abrasion and adhesion wear resistance. The proposed technology assumes that a change the chemical composition will take place, as a result of which it is possible to obtain an ausferritic matrix when the casts are cooled in the mould. Spheroidal graphite was obtained using Inmold technology. For the evaluation of the process of crystallization and transformation in the as-cast state, a thermal and derivational analysis (ATD) was carried out. Investigations of the effect of selected alloy additions in various proportions on the microstructure of the cast iron matrix were presented. It was demonstrated that it is possible to obtain ausferrite in spheroidal iron casts without the application of thermal treatment. The abrasion and adhesion wear resistance of cast iron was examined.

Keywords: spheroidal cast iron, ausferrite, ADI, thermal and derivational analysis (ATD), abrasion wear,
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