Artur Kudyba, Natalia Sobczak, Patrycja Turalska, Grzegorz Bruzda, Advenit Makaya, Laurent Pambaguian

High temperature wettability and reactivity between molten Mg in contact with Ni substrate


The paper focuses on the experimental investigation of high temperature wetting behaviour of liquid pure Mg during a contact heating on Ni substrate by the sessile drop method. High temperature wettability test was performed by the classical sessile drop method at T = 700°C for t = 300 s, under flowing Ar 99.999% atmosphere, by using the equipment and testing procedures that have been developed by the Foundry Research Institute. In order to suppress effects of heating and cooling histories on wetting and spreading behaviours, Mg/Ni couple was introduced inside a metallic heater already preheated up to the test temperature, while after the wettability test, it was immediately removed to the cold part of the chamber. During the wettability test, images of the couple were recorded by high-resolution high-speed CCD camera. It was observed, that the wetting phenomenon (θ ≤ 90°) takes place immediately after melting of Mg sample. The Mg/Ni system shows a good wetting at T = 700°C after t = 300 s forming the final contact angle of 18°.

Keywords: sessile drop, wettability, reactivity, metal matrix composites (MMC),
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