Zdzisław Żółkiewicz

Selected casting processes in the aspect of their effect on the environment protection


The article discusses the impact of selected operations of the casting production technological process on the workplace environment, as well as on the external environment. The casting production is associated with technological operations that may have a greater or lesser impact on the conditions at the workplace and the environment of the industrial plant. Foundry processes applied in making castings are associated with the occurrence of many hazards, e.g. pollution, contamination, noise, gas emissions and other factors harmful to health and the natural environment. Many technological processes are related to the onerous working conditions in foundries. The benefits and threats of the Lost Foam technology for making castings are presented. In recent years, the casting technology using gasified models has been widely used for making castings in the world not only made from non-ferrous alloys, but also for iron-base alloys. Complicated castings could be made, e.g. car engine heads for the automotive industry. Castings production using polystyrene models is much less energy-intensive and labor-intensive than technology using models from traditional materials.
This technology is innovative, energy-saving, and is characterized by many technical, ecological and economic benefits, and also affects the protection of the workplace environment positively.

Keywords: environment, casting technology, gasified models, polystyrene, gas emissivity,
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