Andrzej Fijołek, Jagoda Ryba, Paweł Żak, Janusz Lelito

Application of 3D printing technology to make the core of casting mould and dimensional control using a 3D scanner


The aim of the work was to develop and model individual elements of casting technology for the casting of a ventilated brake disc using CAD program: SolidWorks, followed by printing a core using a 3D LS ONE printer from Sand Made Ltd. Next, the finished core was scanned with the 3D MetraScan 70 scanner. The virtual model obtained in this process was used to control the fidelity of print performance in relation to the object designed in the CAD program. Dimensional control designed 3D model of the core in relation to the real object was performed in Geomagic Control software. Dimensional control made the verification of dimensional deviations printed core in relation to its project in 3D CAD software - SolidWorks. The end result was ready core for casting mold, which is inserted into the mold can be used in the foundry process.

Keywords: CAD design, 3D printing, 3D scanning, mould, core,
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