Emilia Wildhirt, Jarosław Jakubski, Małgorzata Sapińska, Sylwia Sitko, Jadwiga Kamińska

Selected methods of testing protective coatings applied on casting moulds and cores


This article presents selected research methods related to protective coatings used for sand moulds and cores in the foundry industry. The research methodology has been divided into studies of the technological properties of sand moulds and cores with applied coatings (the measurement of hot distortion parameter after deposition of coatings onto moulds made of loose self-hardening sands with organic binders) and physico-chemical properties (viscosity) of finished coatings.
Coatings with aqueous and alcohol solvents were tested. Moulds were prepared from loose self-hardening sand mixtures with furfuryl and phenol-formaldehyde resins and were coated with water-based coatings and alcohol-based coatings.
Studies were carried out in the Department of Moulding Materials, Mould Technology and Cast Non-Ferrous Metals at the AGH Faculty of Foundry Engineering in Krakow and at the Foundry Research Institute in Krakow.

Keywords: protective coatings, viscosity, hot distortion parameter,
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