Waldemar Uhl

Elaboration of a method of producing a limited amount of high quality charge materials in the form of granulate of a complex chemical composition


The fundamental aim of the study was to obtain high-alloy granulate. The study tests many possibilities of obtaining granulate with the use of the appropriate methods. The preliminary tests with the use of small melting units as well as granulate obtaining methods (vibrations, filters of various kinds etc.) made it possible to direct the further course of the research. The elements of the test stand for obtaining metal granulate with the shape similar to a globular one were constructed and selected. The types of filters through which the melted metal should be poured to obtain the assumed effects, i.e. ones with particular fractions (e.g. the proper height from which the metal falls through the filter, the filter mesh sections, the cooling agent type) were selected. The final effect was the obtaining of a specific amount of granulate with a unified shape.

Keywords: test stand for alloy granulation, methods of obtaining granulate, high-alloy cast steel, filter,
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