Viktoriya Boyko, Edward Czekaj, Małgorzata Warmuzek, Kostiantyn Mykhalenkov

Microstructure formation and grain refinement of Al-Mg-Si-Mn casting alloys


Together with development of casting technology for Al-Si-Mg alloys, new groups of casting materials are undergoes its implementation into foundry practice. Al-Mg-Si casting alloys possessed several advantages such as good strength in as-cast state combined with high ductility, good corrosion resistance and castability. In both Al-Si-Mg and Al-Mg-Si systems, the range of the eutectic crystallization occurs: L → αAl + βSi and L → αAl + Mg2Si, respectively. In the hypoeutectic alloys of both system as a primary phase - dendrites of the solid solution αAl solidify. The transition elements - Ti, Zr, Sc, which provides efficient grain refinement can dissolve in this solid solution αAl causing precipitation strengthening effect. In the article the present state of the researches on the development of Al-Mg-Si casting alloys is considered together with the results of the examinations on the effect of Ti addition on the microstructure of the AlMg5Si2Mn alloy. These researches results were discussed at the annual conference on the casting of non-ferrous metals "Science and Technology" (2018) and initially presented in an shortened form in the article [1].

Keywords: aluminium alloys, Al-Mg-Si system, alloying addition, grain refiners, eutectic modifiers, precipitation, casting,
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