Adam Tchórz, Izabela Krzak, Marzanna Książek

Evaluation of the structure of multi-layer ceramic moulds for internal discontinuities using the x-ray computed tomography method


This study presents the possibility of using x-ray computed tomography (CT) for the technological quality assessment of multi-layer ceramic moulds used in the precision casting process. Testing concepts were presented with regard to the detection and visualisation of specific internal discontinuities in the structure of ceramic moulds and the determination of their nature. Tomographic recording based on 2D and 3D images enabled the identification of internal discontinuities in ceramic moulds with regards to delamination or porosity with the determination of the percentage of their count, volume and pore shape. The tests were performed for two different ceramic moulds (molochite and quartz) made with the melted models method.

Keywords: x-ray computed tomography, ceramic moulds, precision foundry,
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