Emilia Wildhirt, Tomasz Olejnik, Jarosław Jakubski

Adhesion and abrasibility of selected protective coatings for loose self-setting sand combined with organic binders


Testing the properties of mould and core sands are specified in the norms and standards, which are used to determine the suitability of the sand for specific applications. However, the testing of protective coatings for moulding and core sands varies greatly, features multiple areas of interest, and remains to be systematized. The individual character of the existing solutions for the testing and selection of the parameters as well as the selection of suitable test methods for specific coatings are complicated processes. This is due to the high number of factors to be assessed in terms of their applicability to different metals as well as moulding and core sands. This paper describes the results of testing the abrasibility of sand mixes with different thicknesses of protective coatings applied, for different solvents and numbers of coating layers. The adhesion of each coatings was also tested.

Keywords: moulding sands, protective coatings, abrasibility, coating adhesion,
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