Krzysztof Wańczyk, Marcin Małysza, Marek Wawrylak

Testing of mechanical properties and computer simulations of the manufacturing process of castings obtained in gypsum moulds from high-strength AlZnMgCu aluminum alloys


The paper presents an attempt to assess the mechanical properties of high-strength AlZnMgCu aluminium alloy samples cast in gypsum moulds. The first stage of the study involved the use of computer simulations to select the optimum sample assembly structure. To this end, the SolidWorks CA D software (assembly geometry design) and Flow3D casting and solidification simulation environment were used. The results are presented as mould cavity filling and cast solidification visualisations. To verify the strength properties of the alloy, strength test samples were prepared. The cast production procedure was repeated for gypsum moulds, which were cooled down to different temperatures after their firing and before filling.

Keywords: mechanical properties, aluminium alloys, gypsum moulds, process simulation,
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