Mieczysław Kuder, Adam Żyrek, Adam Bitka, Waldemar Uhl

Measurement of gas contents in a metal bath as a method for the optimisation of deoxidation and modification procedures for cast steel


The paper presents the results of works concerning the optimisation of the process of steel melting for castings of industrial fittings in an induction furnace with an acid lining. Materials containing high activity elements such as Al, Ca, Ti, Zr, Ce, V and Nb were used for deoxidation and modification. The parameters of these procedures were determined on the basis of the results of measurements and determinations of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen content at various stages of the process. The quality of cast steel was evaluated on the basis of metallographic, tensile and low temperature impact strength test results. It was found that the measurements of hydrogen content and oxygen activity in the liquid alloy allow for the identification of hazards of the metallurgical process, the development of optimal parameters of deoxidation and modification procedures, the stabilisation of mechanical properties and the avoidance of internal gas type defects in castings.

Keywords: cast steel, gases, modification, deoxidation, mechanical properties, microstructure,
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