Władysław Madej, Irena Izdebska-Szanda, Janusz Miklaszewski, Tadeusz Zdończyk

The ecological and material-saving technology for producing brake blocks with stable parameters of quality Part 2. Verification of modernized technology under real conditions


The presented article is the second in the series, which presents research related to the improvement of technology for producing brake blocks for the railway industry in the Spomel foundry in Lębork. The cooperation with the Foundry Research Institute started with the implementation of a project which modernised the process for producing casts of a new generation of non-sparking brake blocks for the needs of the railway industry in the years 2000-2001. Within the framework of this project an ecological and material-saving technology was developed for producing non-sparking brake blocks with high quality parameters. The research results obtained from the development of the technology are presented in the present article. The research included, among other things, the development of a method for feeding the cast, the selection of moulding and core sands which ensure improved dimensional accuracy and quality of surfaces of casts, stabilisation of technological parameters of produced casting moulds, the research of the structure, mechanical properties and abrasion of examined cast material, as well as determination of technological parameters for the casting process.

Keywords: brake block casts, improving the quality of the cast, moulding sand, reducing costs, saving energy and material, environmental protection, decreasing work arduousness,
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