Wojciech Polkowski, Natalia Sobczak, Rafał Nowak, Artur Kudyba, Grzegorz Bruzda, Adelajda Polkowska, Marta Homa, Patrycja Turalska, Olga Shuleshova, Ivan Kaban

Wetting behavior of Si-13.5B alloy on polycrystalline h-BN-based substrates


In this work, for the first time the results of an experimental evaluation of the high temperature behavior of molten Si-B alloy in contact with refractory materials at temperatures up to 1750°C, under static argon atmosphere (p = 850-900 mbar), is shown. The material investigated, having a nominal chemical composition of Si-13.5B (at. %), was fabricated by using the crucible-less electric arc-melting process assisted by the levitation drop method. The wettability of the molten alloy in contact with commercial hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) substrates was evaluated by means of especially developed sessile drop technique combined with a contact heating procedure. It was found that both couples show a lack of wettability in the whole tested temperature range (the measured contact angle was θ > 130°). The more stable behavior in contact with molten Si-13.B alloy, evidenced by higher θ values and a lack of drop vibration during the high temperature exposition, was observed for the h-BN based composite substrate.

Keywords: silicon-boron alloys, hexagonal boron nitride, wettability, interfaces, AMADEUS Project,
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