Tony Spassov, Georgi Stefanov, Stoyko Gyurov

Viscous flow features of amorphous Zr65(Ni,Pd)35 alloy


Viscous flow behavior of amorphous Zr65(Ni,Pd)35 alloy has been studied at a heating rate of 20 K/min. The viscosity experimental results are interpreted on the basis of the free volume model. The values of the model parameters obtained are used for estimation of glass forming ability in terms of the Angell parameter, and the fracture strength of the alloys based on its correlation with the glass transition temperature.
The glass transition temperature is 663 K. The alloy Zr65(Ni,Pd)35 possesses excellent fracture strength of about 2.28 GPa, comparable to that of stainless steels.
The relatively good thermal and excellent mechanical properties make this alloy promising for preparing bulk amorphous samples.

Keywords: metallic glass, viscosity, glass-forming ability,
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