Boris Yanachkov, Ludmil Drenchev, Ludmil Lyutov

High porosity fly ash/Ni/P composite produced by electroless deposition


The aim of the present study is to create a composite material possessing useful properties enabling the waste fly ash to be utilized. To obtain the final material, fly ash is subjected to separation by size and density. The innovative approach to making the composite material is the use of chemical nickel deposition by which the free particles are bonded as a solid body. Deposition of nickel was carried out by two stages: first Ni-coating of the particles and second - bonding of the particles by nickel deposition. Structure of this material is near to syntactic foam. Some properties of the obtained material as a porosity, density, and permeability with regard to its application have been investigated.

Keywords: fly ash, porosity, permeability, syntactic foam, electroless deposition,
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