Robert Żuczek, Stanisław Pysz, Marcin Małysza, Maria Maj

Integration of numerical analyses and experimental research in the process of forming light cast structures


The evolution of the integrated design of engineering processes and structures, including in particular advanced numerical modelling and computer simulations, has enabled a significant shortening of the implementation cycle of innovative material, technological and utility solutions that are essential in projects pursued in the aviation, power and automotive industries.
The use of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) has allowed the determination of the latest trends in the use of the process, and the initial identification of the integration methods in the design process of ultra-light, high-strength cast structures using the example of
a brake pedal lever casting. The research concerned design issues aimed at modifying the shape of the cast structure using interrelationships through material testing, modelling processes and experimental tests.

Keywords: numerical modelling, light cast structure, aluminium alloy,
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