Małgorzata Grudzień, Rafał Cygan, Zenon Pirowski, Łukasz Rakoczy

Charakterystyka mikrostruktury nadstopu Inconel 713C po badaniach pełzania


The main aim of this investigation was to determine the microstructural degradation of Inconel 713C superalloy during creep at high homologous temperature. The alloy in as cast condition was characterized by large microstructural heterogeneity. Inside equiaxed grains dendrite cores consisted of γ’ precipitates surrounded by channels of matrix, whereas enrichment of interdendritic spaces in carbide formers, Zr and B resulted in the formation of additional constituents, namely M3B2, Ni7Zr2 and eutectic island γ/γ’. Directional coarsening of γ′ precipitates (rafting) under applied stress and decomposition of primary MC-type carbides accompanied by the formation of secondary carbides enriched in Cr and γ’ phase was observed.

Słowa kluczowe: degradacja, Inconel 713C, NbC, M23C6,
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